Webinars & Presentations

Manhole Rehabilitation: Techs & Specs

This WEF webcast provides collection system engineers and owners with the tools they need to perform successful manhole rehabilitation projects. The first portion of the webcast will provide a background in manhole assessment and selection of appropriate rehabilitation technologies. The second portion of the webcast will focus on design, specifications, and quality.

WEBINAR: What You Don t Know About Infiltration in Sanitary Sewers is Costing Mi...
Live learning event hosted by Avanti International with Aries Industries and Logiball.
WEBINAR: Interactive Conversation on Controlling Groundwater in Mines, Tunnels, ...
A collaborative presentation with speakers from ECO Grouting Specialists, US Grouting Specialists, US Grout, and Avanti International.
WEBINAR: Proactive Maintenance with Chemical Grout Earns High Reward
Hosted by the editor of Underground Construction magazine, this 1-hr presentation focuses on the results of a $3M chemical grouting project in Downers Grove, IL. Authorities from the sewer district, consulting engineer, contractor and Avanti's product manager provide proof-positive validation.
WEBINAR: Value Engineering with Injection Grouts
Insight on how, when and why to look beyond standard practices and procedures with injection grouts. This is technology you can specify, control and improve outcomes.
WEBINAR: Stopping Infiltration in New England - EPA Region 1
Collective collaboration between Logiball, Heitkamp, and Avanti regarding EPA Region 1.
PRESENTATION: North American Tunneling Presentation 2012
Three geotechnical case studies focused on groundwater control.