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Injection Hose Kit

Injection Hose Kit

The Injection Hose Kit is an injectable waterstop for the permanent sealing of cold and construction joints in concrete, pipe penetrations, and voids between slurry walls and slabs. The tubing is designed to keep the concrete out of the grout delivery system during the pour of a new wall but allows chemical grout to be injected at any time after the pour cures and settles. AV-248-LV or AV-258-MV PermaFlex are the recommended urethane injection grouts to use with the Injection Hose Kit.

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  • AV-248-LV Flexseal LV

    AV-248-LV Flexseal LV is a low viscosity, moisture activated, MDI-based polyurethane resin whose reaction is catalyzed by mixing AV-249-LV Flexseal Cat LV with AV-248-LV. AV-248-LV is certified for use in potable water.

  • AV-258-MV PermaFlex

    AV-258-MV PermaFlex™ is a moisture activated polyurethane resin whose chemical reaction is catalyzed by mixing AV-259-MV PermaFlex AC™ with AV-258-MV.