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AV-550 Soil Strengthener

AV-550 Soil Strengthener

AV-550 Soil Strengthener is designed to permeate and stabilize various types of soil to increase the load bearing capacity of permeable soil by greatly increasing the cohesion between soil particles and by filling void areas in the soil. The uncured resin reacts when it comes in contact with water.

AV-550 is typically used with AV-551 Soil Strengthener Cat to control the cure time. When the reaction occurs, a slight expansion of the resin is noticeable and the material quickly cures to an open cell foam which is impervious to corrosive environments and microorganisms. AV-551 Soil Strengthener Cat must be agitated by shaking the can prior to adding to resin.

• Stabilizing soil under concrete slabs, roadways, and other structures

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