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AV-258-MV PermaFlex

AV-258-MV PermaFlex

AV-258-MV PermaFlex™ is a moisture activated polyurethane resin whose chemical reaction is catalyzed by mixing AV-259-MV PermaFlex AC™ with AV-258-MV. AV-258-MV is injected as a single component and designed for sealing active and potential water leaks in cracks or small annular spaces where flexibility is needed but is susceptible to wet/dry cycles. AV-258-MV cures flexible and impermeable.

AV-259-MV PermaFlex AC is the catalyst designed exclusively for AV-258-MV PermaFlex MV. Typically, one container of AV-259-MV  is used per pail of AV-258-MV. Depending on the desired reaction time, AV-259-MV may be doubled.

• For use above or below grade in humid or arid atmospheres
• Fills various cracks and pipe penetrations
• Stops leaks in concrete structures
• Designed for tunnels, mines, dams, reservoirs, block walls, and structures that may shift 

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