Industrial & Geotechnical Injection Grout School - Houston

10 Nov – 11 Nov 2021
Location: Avanti International HQ, 822 Bay Star Blvd., Webster, Texas
Category: Grout School

The Industrial and Geotechnical Injection Grout School focuses on the knowledge needed to make decisions in the field, using technologies and techniques for achieving maximum results, and a commonsense approach to problem solving with injection of acrylic, polyurethane and cementitious grouts.

This two day live learning event on November 10-11, 2021 is designed to cover the fundamentals of injection grouting for industrial and geotechnical applications and soil types, including how to:

  • Control groundwater
  • Stabilize soil and rock
  • Stop leaks in underground structures

Benefit from classroom presentations, demonstrations, troubleshooting and hands-on workshops covering:

  • Fundamentals of grout chemistry - acrylic, urethane and cementitious grouts
  • Soil analysis from sand to bedrock and its impact on permeation grouting
  • Building a Grout Program
  • Grouting underground structures
  • Application Techniques: Curtain Grouting, Crack Injection
  • Epoxies
  • and more!
       *agenda subject to change

WHEN: November 10-11,2021

WHERE: Avanti's HQ - 822 Bay Star Blvd. Webster, TX 77598

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Attendees in facilities management, or those in underground operations such as mining, tunneling, dams and subways will benefit from learning when, why and how to grout.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Brent Anderson - BDA Associates, Brian Jeppsen - Hess Pumice/US Grout

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