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13 June 2017

Win/Win—Stop the Leaks, Start a Career

Posted in Industry News

Avanti's field service was contacted to stop water leaking into a storm water system in Colorado and provide how-to training. The storm water system was less than three years old, but had multiple barrel joint leaks as well as leakage at the pipe penetrations into a vault. Every project is different – there is no ‘one grout fits all’ solution. So after careful consideration, AV-248-LV Flexseal LV, a low viscosity, flexible hydrophobic polyurethane grout was injected to seal the barrel joints. AV-275 Soilgrout, a rigid, hydrophobic polyurethane was also used to curtain grout the pipe penetrations as the hydraulic cement patch had already failed inside of the vault. The crew had no prior knowledge of injection grouting, but successfully completed the project with step-by-step training and coaching from yours truly. Hands-on, onsite training is just one of the many services Avanti routinely provides to its customers. Remember, 99% waterproofed is still 100% leaking.


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