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07 March 2023

Underground Infrastructure's 26th Annual Sewer/Water Infrastructure Forecast & Market Analysis

Written by Jessica Williams, Posted in Water & Wastewater

"To say 2022 was an eventful year for the underground infrastructure industry would be an incredible understatement. The billions in federal monies being pumped – finally – into the nation’s infrastructure was game-changing for many cities. But what was even more phenomenal was specifically that underground infrastructure, finally, was recognized as vital to the nation. Thus, many billions were earmarked for a variety of applications across the sewer, water, storm water, fiber and electric industries."

Each year Underground Infrastructure Magazine - formerly Underground Construction - polls municipalities around the U.S. about their top concerns and issues for the year. Respondents ranged in size from rural communities of less than 1,000 to mid-sized cities up to 500,000.

Check out the 26th Annual Municipal Sewer/Water Infrastructure Forecast & Market Analysis to see the direction of the infrastructure industry for 2023.

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