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19 August 2016

Today Begins the Next 50 Years of Municipal Grouting

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The first and original trenchless technology is chemical grouting. The practice continues to evolve, and today makes a compelling case for the most economical and reliable method for controlling infiltration by sealing sewer mainlines, laterals, and manholes in both sanitary and storm sewer systems. Like any technology, the caveat is clear—it must be executed with precision. Clearly we have more performance standards and operating guidelines today than at any moment in our 50 year history.

The grouting industry has evolved responsibly including standard practices from ASTM and Suggested Standard Specification from NASSCO/ICGA.  Specific ASTM standards exist for mainline pipes, laterals, and manhole structures –all recently renewed.  The Suggested Standard Specification for Pressure Testing and Grouting of Sewer Joints, Laterals, and Lateral Connections Using the Packer Method with Solution Grouts from NASSCO/ICGA is a peer reviewed set of operating guidelines.  These standards have aligned engineers, contractors, public and private property owners with well-defined procedures yielding predictable outcomes.

Forward Looking Statements:  Briefly, there are initiatives already in place for 2017 that will further the growth of Municipal Grouting and provide a level of confidence for engineers and owners as a proactive maintenance practice and engineered construction project:

  • Grout School graduated can earn a credential
  • Specifications from Consulting Engineers will require proof of education
  • On track to release Inspector Training Certification Program for Grouting from NASSCO/ICGA
  • On-site Inspection will be required on more grouting projects
  • Operating guidelines will continue to evolve

Without question, the last 50 years have prepared the grouting industry for the next 50. Avanti and our industry partners acknowledge grouting's early pioneers and look to the future.


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