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15 November 2016

Sweating Your Assets

Posted in Industry News

You’re a Collection System Manager for a municipality or sewer district and worry every day.  You expect your system to operate at peak performance, but you know otherwise and the evidence after a rain event is telling.  You can measure extraneous flow to the WWTP.  With the aid of CCTV, you see the residual effect of soil fines entering the system and reducing pipe capacity. Beyond excessive cleaning, this means the sewer trench is losing its structural support which leads directly to pipe failure.  The clock ticks and you’re sweating your collection system assets.

Infiltration is the problem. Injection Grouting is the cure. The answer to worry is proactivity. Proactive steps to control infiltration cost far less than the inevitable structural failure. In fact, ROI models build the case for immediate call to action with a single year payback on investment.  Care to know more?  Witness how and why grouting is your first, most expedient, and best defense against infiltration by going back to school—Municipal Sewer Grout School. 

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