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05 July 2013

Preparation--Key Critical for Chemical Grout Repair Projects

Posted in Industry News

questionsPlanning for repair work is more than setting a date. Just like a good paint job is all about the preparation, so is chemical grouting. With work often in confined spaces, after hours, and sometimes requiring equipment shut down, it is vital to have everything ready to facilitate starting on time so you can finish as planned.

Little things can be big headaches. Did you test the pump to see if it runs after sitting in the warehouse for 4 months? Does the site have electrical power or do you have a working generator? Has the confined space been ventilated adequately beforehand, or is this going to delay the start by an hour? Drill and drill bits operational? Don’t forget to verify the sizing of your drill bits. Are there electrical conduits or post tension reinforcement that need to be identified by radar before drilling? These issues are all harder to address while working during a holiday shutdown, so address them beforehand.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." --Benjamin Franklin

Pick a date, prepare for the unknowns, and think safety first. Never get in line to have your butt kicked.