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05 April 2022

Pete Fleetwood Named First Recipient of Harold Kosova Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted in Industry News

We had the privilege of being in attendance at the Infiltration Control Grouting Committee (ICGC) meeting for the introduction of the Harold Kosova Lifetime Achievement Award in February at the WWETT Show. The first recipient of this prestigious award was grouting great and industry friend Pete Fleetwood (Bio-Nomic Services).

Both Harold and Pete spent decades in the grouting industry, and have been instrumental in contributing significant time, knowledge, and resources to serve our entire industry to where it is today. Harold was the first to use acrylamide grout to seal sewer system infiltration (1962)!

"It is in the spirit of respect and acknowledgment that we, here today, begin to recognize and acknowledge those who came before us. The efforts that they have put forth shall not be forgotten. Without the many contributions of people like Harold Kosova and Pete Fleetwood, these many achievements would not be possible.”

To read the entire write-up on Harold and Pete by John Manijak - ICGC Committee Chair -  click here.