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23 May 2023

NASSCO Releases Grouting Test Cell White Paper

Written by Jessica Williams, Posted in Water & Wastewater

NASSCO Releases Grouting Test Cell White Paper

In 2016, a group of engineers, contractors and vendors began working on an update to the NASSCO packer injection grouting technical specifications. The changes in tools, practices and procedures were based on an understanding of how the grout in situ was achieving long-term seals While developing these specifications several questions arose that necessitated scientific investigations.

To confirm/prove the underlying reasons that capital grouting was so effective over such a long period of time, this team identified the need to design a full-scale test.

The conception of the Test Cell Study was initiated because of the recognition that significant changes in the understanding of how chemical grout works to seal out pipe leakage, especially long term, had been achieved. In 2016, a test cell was constructed of suitable dimensions that would allow an independent testing team to trial different types of grouting practices, exhume the resulting grout masses, and assess what was going on outside the structure.

Released in May 2023, the Test Cell Grouting Research White Paper refers to the eight different tests that were conducted and includes many photographs to illustrate the findings to collaborate the results and conclusions. To view the entire white paper, download the Test Cell Grouting Research White Paper.

For decades, Avanti has been a proud supporter of the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) and an active member of the Infiltration Control Grouting Committee

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