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29 July 2013

Preserving the Underground Infrastructure at Miami-Dade

Posted in Water & Wastewater

Communities large and small face a delicate balance of improving their underground sanitary sewer collection system and reducing flow to their treatment plant while being good stewards of the rate-payer and protecting quality of life. The intrusion of groundwater and soil files are sabotaging system efficiencies causing the plant to treat twice the volume, increasing sanitary sewer overflows, and polluting our clean water systems.

No city better understands these challenges than Miami, Florida:

“Any world-class city has good infrastructure, and the most important infrastructure in any city is its water and sewer. Without water, we can’t live. Without getting rid of wastewater, then we’re susceptible to disease.”

  --Mayor Carlos Gimenez (Miami Herald, May 21, 2013)

miami-dadeJoin us for an Avanti Educational Webinar with Miami-Dade’s Chief of Wastewater Collection and Transmission, Rod Lovett, along with Stuart Rome of Cues, Inc. and Daniel Magill of Avanti in a conversation about Preserving the Underground Infrastructure at Miami-Dade. Chemical Grout is their low-cost, high-reward practice that has helped reduce flow to their treatment operations by 127 MGD (million gallons per day).

For more information and to register for this free Trenchless Technology webcast, click here.