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19 August 2016

Listening to the Customer: Survey Says…

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As a rule, Avanti people do a credible job of listening to our customers. We’re growing in volume, but more importantly, we want to grow in value-to-customer. Are we building a company that reflects the wants & needs of our customers? We asked, listened, and took action—this is what responsible companies do.

Nobody responds to surveys, right? Wrong. For all those who responded and shared your opinions in our recent Voice of the Customer survey - thank you. Your thoughts on new products and new services were insightful. In fact, your top three service recommendations are now in play— web chat is already implemented on the Avanti website, online ordering for repeat customers will be beta-tested in September 2016, and certification programs are coming January 2017. Your opinions matter.

We constantly ask ourselves “Is Avanti easy to do business with?” So we asked the ultimate question to produce a clear measure of performance through the eyes of our customer: "How likely would you recommend Avanti?"

The million dollar question has proven statistically valid over a decade of testing and of tens of thousands of surveys, here's the scientific meaning behind each rating:

9: Loyal, enthusiastic fans. They sing the company's praises to friends and colleagues.

7-8: Passively satisfied because they are satisfied - for now.               

 0-6: Detractors are unhappy customers. They account for more than 80% of negative word-of-mouth.

Pleased, proud and humbled with the results in this recent Voice of the Customer survey - the overwhelming majority are loyal, enthusiastic fans with zero-none-nada detractors.

We see room for improvement and are encourages to do so. You can't manage what you don't measure - so we see this as an annual activity. Because it's important to you, it's important to Avanti. Let us know how we can better help you and your team Move Forward.


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