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14 January 2019

I&I elimiNATION Conference

Posted in Industry News

The I&I elimiNATION Conference is the first of its kind one-day event for learning and understanding what’s new, what’s possible, and what’s practical for mitigating I&I in the collection system. 
  • Learn from the EPA and other industry experts about WHY this is important and HOWto mitigate the adverse effects of I&I - a two-headed beast that’s killing our underground infrastructure  
  • Explore root causes of infiltration and inflow into sewer systems revealing both the short and long-term destructive impacts on sewer pipelines
  • Examine possible solutions from multiple perspectives, with insight from industry experts
  • Sponsored and hosted by Underground Construction magazine and NASSCO
Monday, January 28, 2019 ● 10 am - 4 pm
Fort Worth Convention Center
A pre-conference event at UCT 2019
Cost (Includes Lunch)
  • $95 for first registrant
  • $190 for a group of additional registrants from the same company (up to 3 additional people)

    *Registration for I&I elimiNATION automatically qualifies municipal staff for complimentary access to all UCT 2019 educational classes, the exhibit floor and the RehabZone – a $395 value!

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