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03 August 2020

North American Tunneling Journal Article: Grouting at the Forefront

Posted in Geotechnical


"Much has been said about waterproofing membranes, whether sheet or spray-applied or layered solutions. Within the North American market, spray-applied membranes are continuing to gain acceptance in tunnels and underground spaces. Grout is often the key behind the scenes player in these comprehensive water control solutions, controlling water, consolidating ground, and more North American Tunneling Journal reports."

Avanti was featured in the June/July issue of North American Tunneling Journal in regards to grouting in the tunneling and underground spaces industry. "Grout for underground spaces is becoming highly specialized and is required more and more frequently, and it is easy to see why. Tunnels today are being mined in earth that is more challenging than ever before."

Check out the entire article: Grouting at the Forefront

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