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26 June 2017

Eliminating Infiltration in the Collection Systems Begins with Knowing How

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CIPP Lining is brilliant technology designed to solve structural issues and optimized for mainline sewer pipe. Injection grouting is designed specifically to stop infiltration at all four points of entry—mainline, manholes, service laterals and connections. Starting today, engineers, municipalities, and specialty contractors can learn the Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting online, on their time and at no cost.

Municipal Grouting is a multi-vendor solution. For the last decade, Aries Industries, Avanti, and Logiball have hosted Municipal Grout Schools and in recent years, each event has sold-out at max capacity. It’s taken years to develop, but in the spirit of education with intent to reach a wider and deeper audience of those who need-to-know, multiple authorities have created a 16-module video series in high-definition broadcast quality and now hosted on a Learning Management System with three course options:

  • PDH Approved Course - $49 admin fee, 16 interactive and sequential lessons, 3 PDH credits approved by CIGMAT with Certificate of Completion
  • Structured Course - No cost, 16 interactive and sequential lessons, Certificate of Completion, but no PDH credits
  • Video Resource Library - No cost, no structure, no interactivity, no certificate, no PDH credits

Infiltration is destroying our underground infrastructure. Getting the know-how to eliminate infiltration is now easier than ever as long as you know-where. Visit to start today.

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