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31 July 2012

EDUCATION - The Way Forward

Posted in Industry News

A unique partnership exists between 3 companies working as 1 to serve communities large and small. By educating Public Works departments why maintenance & repair operations are the first to prioritize versus the first to cut and save, communities are reducing costs, saving operating capital and minimizing wasteful spending. Tall order? Not when your underground sewer systems are in good working order.

Ground water infiltration into sanitary sewer systems cause municipal and county governments to manage up to 50% more flow into their treatment facilities than necessary. Since the cost to treat is higher than the cost to repair, common sense suggests Proactive Repair & Maintenance pays dividends.

Some communities choose to outsource this function to specialty contractors. Others view it as a necessary core competency and take ownership of the inspection and correction activities. It does not matter whether the work is completed by the municipality or a contractor as long as the infiltration is stopped.

The 3 companies working as 1 are members of NASSCO, founding members of ICGA, and believe strongly education is the way forward. Aries Industries, Logiball, and Avanti International have hosted 11 Grout Boot Camps over the past 7 years and have graduated over 150 participants. The 12th Boot Camp will be hosted by Avanti on January 9-11, 2013 in Webster, TX (just south of Houston). Here’s a link for more information:

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