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10 December 2014

Investing in Empowerment for the Injection Grouting Community

Posted in Industry News

Many aspects distinguish Avanti as an industry Leader. One is our commitment to be a resource to the customer through teaching and training. Educational events can be lunch and learns, seminars, webinars, grout schools, and informal group discussions—all aimed at developing a better understanding of injection grouts and their target applications. Often, we support customers through site training and technical consult. Whether classroom or field, online or off line, empowering the customer is a core value of Avanti. Through greater understanding of grouting products and practices, we help organizations become more effective, more efficient and solve more problems.

These training events require a great deal of coordination, but I view them as investments. It is a privilege to be part of the development process and make it my top priority. Frankly, it’s gratifying for me as a grouting professional to teach what I know and mentor those that care to know more. Empowerment—this is service beyond sales, and that is who we are.

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