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09 September 2014

Chemical Grouting is for Life-Long Learners

Posted in Water & Wastewater

Since becoming part of the Avanti family, I have met with dozens of grouting contractors and municipal crews with years of experience rehabbing underground structures. Most feel confident in their quality of work, and with balancing efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. As someone who served as an infrastructure restoration contractor for a decade, I know from personal experience how difficult it is to make procedure adjustments, modify processes, and implement subtle improvements. When on a job site with a customer observing quietly, I see things more objectively and I am afforded an opportunity to make a difference. One of my greatest joys today is to mentor, to coach, to be a resource to municipal clients and contracting partners. When introducing new ideas, light bulbs turn on and the response is often, “Can’t believe I didn’t think of that.” Learning is a reiterative process. To grow personally and professionally, we all must become life-long learners.


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