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02 April 2024

New Case Study: Avanti Injection Grouts Stop Heavy Infiltration in Bahamas Wet Well

Posted in Water & Wastewater

Underground structures such as wet wells can be plagued with infiltration issues. Injection grouts can be injected through a concrete structure into the surrounding soils, creating an impermeable grout "curtain" - or encapsulation - that stops water intrusion.

On a sunny island in the Bahamas, a wet well for a private local utility company was experiencing intense infiltration near the base due to malfunctioning pumps at the pump station. Connecticut-based Savy & Sons flew to the Bahamas to assess the problem and quickly generated a game plan to ship equipment, materials, and crews down to the island to begin working on eliminating the groundwater infiltration. After injection grouting, the 120-gallon per minute infiltration leak was stopped and thousands of dollars saved for the water company and residents. 

Read the entire case study: Wet Well Waterproofing in the Bahamas a Money Saving Success

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