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01 September 2016

Building Chemistry: The Avanti Way

Posted in Industry News

Building Chemistry: The Avanti Way

Like the elements of our injection grouts, Avanti builds good chemistry with our clientele.

The beauty behind Avanti’s business model is the diversity of the people we serve. The challenge behind Avanti’s business model is the diversity of people we serve. How do we consistently interact with the unique needs and requirements of the municipal grouting community including consulting engineers, municipal authorities, and principals of contracting firms? Short answer: ENGAGE.

ENGAGE is an acronym for Avanti's approach to every opportunity. It is how we serve, seek first to understand, and keep the professional experience top-of-mind for our customer-facing personnel:

Educate and build mutual trust and rapport
Navigate project goals and objectives
Generate options and alternative recommendations
Align with budgets, timelines, resources, and logistics
Gain acceptance with all stakeholders
Explore additional ways to serve

Applied consistently, this step-by-step formula leads to positive outcomes and clients-for-life. 

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