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19 July 2017

Avanti Supply Chain Partner Builds Quick Momentum with Urethane Injection Grouts

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It all started November 23, 2016 - a breakfast meeting was planned at a local diner. Russ Peterson (ASDCO Branch Manager), Dan Wells (ASDCO Business Development and Jacob Swanson (Avanti Regional Manager) met for the first time.

Russ was crystal clear - "Here's who we are and how we're different:"

  • We make Customer Service our #1 priority.
  • We know our customers, our products, and pride ourselves on having inventory in-house.
  • We stock what our customers need in five geographically optimized warehouses in MN, WI and ND.
  • We are NOT a commodity shop; We solve problems and provide solutions.

Jacob - known as Jake - listened, understood, and liked what he heard and responded openly with "Perfect, those are the qualities we're seeking for an Avanti Supply chain Partner and here's why:"

  • Avanti's urethane injection products are not commoditized and require specialized knowledge.
  • I am a teacher/trainer to ASDCO, but someone internal needs to own this product category.
  • Potential exists to grow exponentially and provide exceptional value to customers with Avanti.

Dan Weller is a go-getter. Not a salesperson, but a customer advocate. His father is a directional driller so he grew up with an understanding of underground construction, different soil types, and the contractor "git-r-done" mentality. Beyond his innate abilities, Dan took the time to study Avanti's products vs. competitive alternatives and the problems injection grout solves to best serve his customers.

According to Peterson, "ASDCO is organized with specialists on each line. With over 3,000 SKUs to manage, that's a bold statement for a workforce of 25 people. Dan Weller sponsored Avanti into our organization and he has owned the responsibility from day one. He can talk-the-talk and walk-it with his customers to solve problems and be a resource vs. a sales force."

On January 12, 2017, ASDCO ordered their first pallet of material in response to new and existing customer demand. ASDCO takes pride in having inventory in house. "We can't deliver to our customers if we don't have the product when it's needed." A second pallet was ordered in march followed by a third and fourth in May, The momentum is obvious.

"From my perspective, we're just getting started and barely scratching the surface, but are extremely pleased with our progress in the first six months" states Peterson. "Jake has been a tremendous asset and Avanti a great partner with technical support and zero issues with shipping and operations. I wish the onboard process of new products and markets was this smooth with every company."

Like the elements of our injection grouts, Avanti builds chemistry with our clients based on an Understand First principle. If ever there was a cultural match and great fit between two organizations, ASDCO and Avanti started out with a simple breakfast meeting and it appears to be no end in sight. The chemistry and honest dialog was all very positive and the bigger story has yet to be told. From zero to 100 in less than six months may sound rare, but it doesn't have to be. Avanti has adopted an approach to building partnerships we call ENGAGE - the Avanti Way.

ENGAGE is an acronym for Educate, Navigate, Generate, Align, Gain and Explore. It's how we create one-of-a-kind customer relationships and it's proven, consistent, and predictable. To learn more visit, Engage with Avanti.


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