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20 July 2020

Same Proven Product, New Bag Size: AV-100 Chemical Grout Available in 30-lb. Bags

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Avanti International announces the addition of AV-100® Chemical Grout in 30-pound (lb.) bags to its growing portfolio of injection grouts used in geotechnical, industrial, and municipal applications to stop leaks, stabilize soil and rock, and control groundwater – permanently. For over 40 years, AV-100 in granular form has been available exclusively in 50-lb. bags, however as the need for higher strength mix concentrations evolves, so has our packaging options for ease of use.

AV-100 is an ultra-low viscosity, chemically reactive gel that can travel anywhere water can travel, and cures to create an effective, long lasting water barrier while providing superb soil stabilization. It is designed to stabilize soils and stop water infiltration in manholes, mainlines, laterals, tunnels, mines, and other underground structures.

Historically, one (1) 50-lb. bag of granular AV-100 Chemical Grout will yield a 60-gallon (227.1 liters) mixed batch of injectable grout with a consistent 10% concentration. This mix ratio has been tried and true for decades. However, the industry has started to adopt a stronger, 12% grout concentration standard. By changing the concentration, you change the standard weights of all mix components – acrylamide grout, Catalyst T+, Catalyst AP or SP, and water. To ensure you achieve a 12% concentration, it takes careful product recalculations and additional time to change the mix to this higher concentration. Diverting from the standard opens room for error.

For the benefit of knowing your exact mix every time, Avanti now offers AV-100 Chemical Grout in 30- lb. bags. Using two (2) 30-lb. bags in a 60-gallon batch - instead of one (1) 50-lb. bag - gives you a 12% grout concentration without having to recalculate mix components, saving you and your team time and money while removing the guesswork from the equation (See Table 1). For step-by-step mix instructions, visit Mix proportions are also available for batch sizes larger than 60-gallons.

“Weight is important when using AV-100 Acrylamide Chemical Grout – from both a safety and mix component aspect.” says Britt N. Babcock, PE, President of Avanti. “For over 40 years, proven weight measurements have been utilized to allow technicians to handle and mix AV-100 bags safely and successfully. Using decreased weight of any of the mix materials can change the outcome of your gel significantly, thus weakening or diminishing its longevity and strength. Pre-packaging AV-100 in 30-pound bags ultimately maintains the technician’s safety when lifting, and saves contractors time, money and headaches on the job by taking the guesswork out of the scenario.”

For more information about AV-100® Chemical Grout in 30-lb bags or any of our injection grout products, contact your Avanti Regional Manager today or give us a call at 800.877.2570

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