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07 May 2020

Avanti and US Grout - An American-Made, American-Owned Partnership for the Ages

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Avanti and US Grout - An American-Made, American-Owned Partnership for the Ages

For over 20 years, Avanti International and US Grout have partnered to bring you Ultrafine cementitious grout - a permanent, deeply-penetrating, densely-curing cementitious grout for sealing fractures in rock, controlling groundwater, and stabilizing weak soils. 

"Early in the Spring of 1998, as a result of extensive testing performed by the US Dept. of Energy, US Grout, LLC was formed with the primary purpose of producing a high-quality, durable, Ultrafine cementitious grout for sealing microfractures within the underground nuclear Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Eunice, New Mexico" says Brian Jeppsen, Vice President of Research & Development for US Grout. "Later in the fall of that same year, US Grout and Avanti International joined forces for the distribution of this specialized grout into other markets. Avanti has been instrumental in educating the industry on the proper use of cementitious grouts, alongside their own complete line of injection grouts." For more about the history of US Grout, visit The US Grout Story.

Proud to be American-Made
Avanti and US Grout are proud to be American owned and operated companies, US Grout (Idaho) produces the only American-made Ultrafine cementitious grout available in the world today. There is a stable North American supply for your cementitious grouting projects. Avanti (Texas) is the exclusive distributor of US Grout cementitious products around the world

Sustainable, Superior Cementitious Grout Performance

  • Made in America - Stable North American Supply
  • Stringent quality control and modern plant facilities ensure uniformity
  • Adjustable rheology and set time
  • Designed with a pozzolanic charge - a benefit-inducing secondary reaction within the hydrated cement paste that effectively improves the strength, performance characteristics and life-span of the cured grout.
  • Penetrates smaller fractures and finer-grained soils
  • Low internal cohesion for greater penetration and certified by NSF International as conforming to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 61 - Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects

Expert Support

As the worldwide distributor for US Grout products, Avanti provides the customer service, objective professional advice, material estimates, and the caliber of world-class technical support that comes only from over 40 years of experience - 24/7. Find your Avanti Regional Manager or call us direct at 800.877.2570.

For more information on US Grout or Ultrafine cements, visit Cementitious Grouts.

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