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16 June 2016

Everything is Better in Texas: 37th Annual Grouting Short Course

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Avanti and strategic partner US Grout participated in field day at the 37th Annual Short Course Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practice and the University of Texas at Austin. Avanti and US Grout provided education to the school attendees on cementitious and chemical grouts by showcasing permeation grouting using Ultrafine Super cementitious grout and AV-160 Supergel acrylate grout.

US Grout's Ultrafine Super is a cementitious grout with an average particle size of three microns, which uses a polycarboxylate superplasticizer as its water reducer. The Ultrafine Super advanced the entire vertical length of the sand column having the highest specific gravity and using the least amount of superplasticizer (two to three times less) than other products showcased. Not all products go the distance. Grouts were only allowed to e pumped at pressure of 10psi or less.

Avanti's AV-160 Supergel grout was presented through a gravity feed table top, and sand and gravel columns. AV-160 is a very low viscosity, acrylate grout that is used to control water. Avanti shows school attendees how easily AV-160 penetrates through sand and gravels. Various concentrations of AV-160 were presented - 10%,  15%, 20% - which all quickly permeated the whole column (less than 30 seconds) creating a firm, stiff soil/gel matrices.

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