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05 October 2021

2021 Trenchless Technology Project of The Year Winner - Rehabilitation

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Congratulations to the 2021 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Rehabilitation Winner team for a successful project -  ‘The Mess’ Emergency Gas System Repair in South Orange, New Jersey. 

Gas pipeline rehab projects are challenging enough when planned for and the challenges increase when the project is needed due to an emergency. It’s in these emergency moments that trenchless experts from the contracting, engineering and manufacturing sectors come together to break open their collective toolboxes and let their ingenuity shine.

Such was the case in early 2020 in South Orange, New Jersey, when it was discovered that there was a leak in the Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G) line running in an easement adjacent to the ever-busy South Orange Avenue and the East Branch of the Rahway River. The project team affectionately dubbed this section “The Mess” because it resembled a “tangled knotted ball of yarn.”

“Just as important to PPM’s relining work is the curtain grouting completed by Camden Group using Avanti grouts and the epoxy work done by A&W Maintenance using Warren Environmental’s epoxies,” says Ragula, heaping praise on the project team. “PPM would have not been able to do anything had the curtain grouting and epoxy work not been successful. Those were two critical milestones that needed to be successfully completed for PPM to move on to their portion of the work. It was the grouting and epoxy work that were imperative to their success."

We are proud to be a part of such an outstanding project group that completed a challenging, but successful, project!

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