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Eliminate Infiltration in Sewer Systems

The goal of injection grouting in municipal sewer systems is to seal leaks and stop infiltration and inflow (I&I) through joints and defects in structurally sound pipes. The consequence of being reactive is far more costly – and hazardous – than being proactive by maintaining and rehabilitating. According to the US EPA, up to 50% of flow to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) is a product of groundwater infiltration entering the system through pipe joints and defects. This problem increases treatment volume which is absorbed by the ratepayer.

Control Soil Erosion

Groundwater infiltration brings soil fines into the system, eroding supporting soils and creating voids outside the pipe. The soil fines then settle in the mainlines, reducing the pipe’s designed sewerage capacity and requires the need for cleaning. As infiltration continues, eventually the collection system will become structurally incapable and what could have been a simple repair becomes a costly rehabilitation project, a complete replacement, or a danger to the community. The most economical way to stop infiltration in structurally sound pipes is with injection grout.

For over 40 years, Avanti’s injection grouts – specifically designed to eliminate I&I – have been used to stop leaks, stabilize soils, and control groundwater at critical access points in the sewer collection system including:

  • Mainlines
  • Laterals
  • Lateral connections
  • Manholes
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Catch basins
  • Before CIPP lining pipes and laterals

In addition to stopping infiltration and exfiltration within the sewer system, Avanti's injection grouts stabilize the supporting soil outside sewer pipes and manholes by strengthening the soil, filling voids, and providing longer-lasting support.

Municipal Resources

Leading Through Education

Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting (FOMG) is a 16-module video series that walks you through intermittent quizzes over the history, purpose, technologies, and techniques of injection grouting for municipal applications – mainline, manhole, laterals, and connections. FOMG is an interactive and rich learning experience for those who need to know and want to solve the I&I issues destroying our underground systems. Get started at