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Municipal infrastructure issues: Leaking manhole and sewer lateral joints

Eliminate Infiltration in Sewer Systems

Injection grouting plays a crucial role in municipal sewer systems by effectively sealing leaks and preventing infiltration and inflow (I&I) through pipe joints and defects. Taking a proactive approach to maintenance and rehabilitation is essential, as reactive measures can result in higher costs and increased hazards. According to the US EPA, as much as 50% of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) flow originates from groundwater infiltration, impacting both treatment volume and ratepayer expenses.

Combat Soil Erosion

Groundwater infiltration not only introduces soil fines into the system but also erodes supporting soils and creates voids around pipes. This erosion reduces sewerage capacity, necessitating frequent cleaning and leading to structural degradation over time. Avanti's injection grouts offer a cost-effective solution to seal leaks in structurally sound pipes and prevent further soil erosion.

Avanti's Proven Solutions

For over 40 years, Avanti's specialized injection grouts have been trusted to eliminate I&I, stabilize soils, and control groundwater at critical access points within sewer collection systems. Our grouts are tailored for use in mainlines, laterals, manholes, wastewater treatment plants, catch basins, and even before CIPP lining installation, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Beyond stopping infiltration and exfiltration, Avanti's injection grouts reinforce the surrounding soil, fill voids, and provide long-lasting support, enhancing the integrity and longevity of sewer infrastructure.

Municipal Resources

Leading Through Education

Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting (FOMG) is a 16-module video series that walks you through intermittent quizzes over the history, purpose, technologies, and techniques of injection grouting for municipal applications – mainline, manhole, laterals, and connections. FOMG is an interactive and rich learning experience for those who need to know and want to solve the I&I issues destroying our underground systems. Get started at