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WEBINAR: Injection Grouting for Industrial Applications: Cost-Effective Rehab of Concrete Structures (2020)

Concrete restoration is a highly specialized service that requires specialized tools and skills. In many cases, this requires the repair of cracks, cold joints, failing expansion joints, and other various defects in concrete. These defects may be actively leaking groundwater/rainwater and require pressure injection with urethane grouts. In other cases, defects may not exhibit leaks, but may present structural concerns therefore requiring injection with high modulus epoxy resins. These skills are valuable when approaching rehabilitation or repair projects for tanks, parking structures, elevator pits, storm vaults/catch basins, seawalls, and various other concrete structures.

This webinar examines causes of cracks in concrete and the appropriate injection and epoxy grout applications to ensure long-term and cost-effective rehabilitation to extend the life of your concrete structures.

  • Monday, 22 February 2021