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WEBINAR: Buying Back Capacity: Rehab of Existing Sewer Systems to Maximize Cost Effectiveness (2020)

The EPA estimates up to half of all volume at wastewater treatment plants nationwide is due to infiltration and inflow (I&I) rather than actual sewerage. Often, these organizations operate dangerously close to the maximum capacity of the collection system. This is due to lack of maintenance, creating a landscape where collection systems are unable to run economically and are forced to pass the cost on to the taxpayer. I&I has a tremendous impact on collection system capacity - especially during rain events when volumes can reach 5-6 times the average daily flow. On the surface, these issues are viewed as the result of population growth, deteriorating infrastructure, and significant rain events. However, nearly every issue can be traced back to the root cause - inflow and infiltration. There are several trenchless technology options available to the collection community. However, the only technology that is designed specifically to eliminate infiltration is injection grouting.

This webinar will examine causes of infiltration and the appropriate injection grout applications to ensure long-term removal of infiltration from the collection system that will buy back your capacity.

  • Monday, 22 February 2021