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Webinar Recordings

WEBINAR: Stopping Infiltration in New England - EPA Region 1

Collective collaboration between Logiball, Heitkamp, and Avanti regarding EPA Region 1.

WEBINAR: Systematic Approach to Controlling Infiltration with Chemical Grout (2012)

Infiltration undermines our sewer systems, destroys the bedding of our pipes, and forces tax-payers into excessive costs treating twice the flow than necessary. Systematically, communities are controlling infiltration with "test and seal" programs using chemical grout.

WEBINAR: Value Engineering with Injection Grouts (2015)

Insight on how, when and why to look beyond standard practices and procedures with injection grouts. This is technology you can specify, control and improve outcomes.

WEBINAR: What You Don't Know About Infiltration in Sanitary Sewers is Costing Millions (2013)

Our underground assets are now liabilities. According to ASCE, “The common practice of letting infrastructure wear out before replacing it, rather than incorporating technological improvements during its lifetime, only exacerbates the problem.” 

Chemical Grout is the original trenchless technology and remains the single-most cost-effective solution for sealing sewer systems before expensive structural rehabilitation is required. The resurgence of chemical grouting is very real as measured by cost saving and cost avoidance.  And it’s permanent!

Live learning event hosted by Avanti International with Aries Industries and Logiball.

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