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Training / Tutorials

Acrylic Gels Training

When, why, and how to use acrylic gels.

AV-100 Mixing Instructions

Mixing instructions for a standard 60-gallon batch of AV-100.

AV-290 Fast-Set Balloon Technique

Observe AV-290 injected by a simple cartridge to demonstrate expansion and shutdown underground leaks.

AV-290 Fast-Set Hydrophobic Foam for Water Stop

Demonstration of the expansion that happens behind the wall to stop groundwater infiltration.

Demo: Super Plasticizer with Ultrafine Cement

Demonstration: The effects of Super Plasticizer on a low water/US Grout Ultrafine cement mix ratio

Fish Tank Demo: Horizontal Grout Curtain

Demonstration of a horizontal grout curtain in a fish tank.

For Inspectors: Using Hydrometers

To determine grout content, hydrometer and temperature gauge provide measures to compare strength on chart.

Grouting Overview

Municipalities treat 50% groundwater which can be eliminated by sealing mains, manholes, and laterals.

High-Volume Hydrophobic 1:1 Pump

Using Graco 1:1 pump, fast reacting AV-290 provides controlled expansion.

Single Component Pump Maintenance

Step-by-step, how-to tutorial on single-component injection, PPE, and best practices.

Techniques for Controlling Gelation

Techniques and best practices for controlling gel time

Urethane Gels Training

Sample demonstration how hydrophilic gels will set and protect in soil.

Urethane Training - Hydrophilics

Insightful training (

 min) and advantages of hydrophilic foams--when to use, why, and when not to use.

Urethane Training - Hydrophobic

When, why, and how to use hydrophobic urethanes.

Using Additives

Additives change outcomes giving the applicator more control.

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