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Seawalls & Bulkheads

Animation: Seawall Rehabilitation with Urethane Grouts

Water is the most destructive force on Earth. This has been proven since the beginning of time and can easily be seen around every body of water from rivers and streams, lakes to oceans. The rise and fall attributed with these various bodies of water creates a pumping action which promotes loss of soils from behind or under every type of seawall construction. Injection grouting technology has been specifically designed to seal these defective areas, and fill voids that have developed and bind existing soils together preventing future erosion. Utilizing polyurethane injection grouts for seawall repairs has proven to be the most economical approach to extending the life expectancy of seawall structures plagued by erosion and loss of soils.

Demo: Seawall Rehabilitation with Urethane Grout: AV-278 Low Vis Hydro

Live project demonstration using Avanti's AV-278 Low Vis Hydro - a hydrophobic urethane - to fill void space behind a coastal seawall. Seawalls often can suffer major structural damage if not maintained. The costs associated with major repair or replacement can be enormous. However, with a bit of injection grouting we can seal leaks, fill voids, and stabilize soils and hence prevent future soil washout, settlement, and structural damage.