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Product Charts & Data Files

AV-100 (Acrylamide) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Published Year: Rev. 2023

  • The purpose of this document is to answer questions and provide factual information about acrylamide chemical grout: AV-100.

White Paper: The Truth About Acrylamide

Published Year: Rev. 2023

  • A factual white paper on AV-100 acrylamide and acrylamide grouts.

Product Guide: Avanti's Resin Injection Accessories Guide

Published Year: 2023

  • Avanti's Resin Injectors and Accessories Product Guide

Chart: US Grout Yield Chart

  • US Grout, LLC Standard Grout Yield Table for Ultrafine SD and Ultrafine VX

Brief: Typical Applications for Cementitious Grout

  • Knowledge Brief: Typical Applications for Cementitious Grout

White Paper: Zero Shrinkage of AV-100 Chemical Grout Due to Consistent Relative Humidity in Soils

Published Year: 2018

  • For those who believe that acrylamide grout expands and contracts with wet/dry climate cycles, Avanti commissioned an independent lab to perform field testing and analysis that proves otherwise

Technical Manual: Injection Hose Kit

  • Avanti International’s Injection Hose Kit is a preventative chemical grout injection system for the permanent sealing of cold and construction joints in concrete and voids between slurry walls and slabs.

AV-202 Chemical Resistance Data

  • AV-202 Chemical Resistane Data

AV-100 Chemical Grout (Acrylamide) Technical Manual

Published Year: 2014

  • AV-100 Chemical Grout (Acrylamide) Technical Manual

AV-100 (Acrylamide) Chemical Resistance Data

Published Year: 2013

  • AV-100 (Acrylamide) Chemical Resistance Data

White Paper: Ultrafine Pozzolanic Cementitious Grout: Performance Genius x 2

Published Year: 2013

  • Standard Cementitious Grouts have two main limitations: One, the inability to effectively penetrate rock microfractures or dense, silty soils, and two, poor performance due to deleterious curing problems inherent in standard concrete.

AV-202 Technical Manual

Published Year: 2005

  • Due to the adaptability of AV-202 Multigrout, the product is appropriate for many different waterproofing and sealing problems.

Complete U.S. Department of Energy Report Regarding AV-100 Longevity

Published Year: 1987

  • Complete U.S. Department of Energy Report Regarding AV-100 Longevity