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Mainlines & Laterals Files

NASSCO Spec: Performance Specification Guideline for Manhole Rehabilitation

Published Year: 2013

  • NASSCO Performance Spec for Manhole Rehab

2013 WEFTEC Paper: Sealing Annular Space and Lateral Connections with Chemical Grouts

Published Year: 2013

  • Acrylamide chemical grout has been used successfully for over 40 years to reduce groundwater infiltration by sealing leaks and joints in mainline and lateral sanitary sewer systems.

2012 No-Dig Paper: Cured in Place Liner Defects - Three Studies of Installed Liner Performance

Published Year: 2012

  • Over the last 6 years, Malcolm Pirnie has conducted a monitoring program of cured in place mainline liners and lateral liners to assess the affect of various variables on long term liner quality, especially with regard to liner porosity/pinhole leakage.

NASSCO Tech Tips - Understanding the Chemical Grout Process

Published Year: 2012

  • Chemical grouting is one of the olderst techniques used to stop water infiltration into sewer collection systems, Unfortunately, it is also one of the misunderstood.

White Paper: The Role of Chemical Grouting in Wastewater Systems

Published Year: 2011

  • The Role of Chemical Grouting in Wastewater Systems: How to Reduce I&I and Prevent Structural Damage with Intelligent Use of Chemical Grout

Magazine Article: Effective Point Repair of Laterals

Published Year: 2011

  • Point repairs that effectively address inflow and infiltration problems that are structurally sound and do not require rehabilitation

Grout Workshop: Stop Water Infiltration Now, Not Later

Published Year: 2010

  • Stop water infiltration now, not later

Magazine Article: Chemical Grouting: Stopping Groundwater Infiltration at the Service Connections

Published Year: 2010

  • Chemical grouting of sewer mains to control groundwater infiltration and exfiltration at joints and connections has become a mainstay of many sewer system maintenance and rehab programs

Magazine Article: Out of Round

Published Year: 2009

  • A custom-built elliptical packer enables a New Jersey borough to keep its street reconstruction program on schedule.

Brochure: Costs of Chemical Grout: What Would You Spend?

Published Year: 2009

  • Are you spending thousands of dollars each year treating clean water? Recent studies and over 50 years of experience indicate that America's first trenchless technology is still the best, most cost-effective, long-term defense against infiltration.

Magazine Article: Reaching Out

Published Year: 2008

  • An innovative mix of technologies helps a Massachusetts sewer department seal leaking laterals, reduce I&I, and preserve treatment plant capacity

Magazine Article: Acrylamide Grout Aces 20-Year Test

Published Year: 2008

  • Grouting has occasionally been thought of as a more temporary solution, a stop-gap. But recent testing of two 20-year old acrylamide grout rehab projects indicate that grout can certainly stand the test of time.

Tech Perspective: Sealing the Deal

Published Year: 2007

  • Marketing-savvy contractors can educate municipalities on the value of chemical grout and in the process build a profitable new line of business

Magazine Article: Comprehensive, Pro-Active Grouting Program Produces Dramatic Reduction of Wastewater Volume and Treatment Costs

Published Year: 2006

  • Sewer system management in Newtown, PA credits use of a new, comprehensive, pro-active chemical grouting program rehabilitation by minimizing infiltration from pipe and joint failure.

Magazine Article: Slipping Through the Cracks

Published Year: 2006

  • Sustainability, cost-effectiveness and public disruption are all major concerns when a municipality attacks a community-wide problem, especially when that problem concerns water and sewer pipelines.