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Magazine Article: Trenchless Pioneers Build on Past, Look to Future

Published Year: August 2016

  • Avanti International Continues to Educate and Develop Chemical Grouting Industry

Magazine Article: Making the Grade - Manhole Rehab

Published Year: 2017

  • if may seem far-fetched that two former PE teachers would make abrupt career changes and build a multi-million dollar a year manhole rehabilitation business, but that's exactly what Kim and Lawrence Vallow did in 1982.

Magazine Article: The Evolution of Grouting Solutions

Published Year: 2017

  • Injection Grouting is described by its proponents as the first trenchless technology to repair leaks in underground pipes.

Magazine Article: NASSCO Report: Grouting

Published Year: 2016

  • Think You Know Municipal Grouting? Think Again - Reeducate! To further the objectives of ICGA, reeducation is now core to its mission, as injection grouting has experienced monumental advances in the last decade, with more to come.

Magazine Article: 'Grout First,' Right Answer for Sullivan's Island, SC

Published Year: 2016

  • Greg Gress, manager of sewer and water for Sullivan’s Island, S.C., just completed the community’s CMOM self-assessment of its collection system. The condition assessment clearly indicated 90% of Sullivan’s Island problem was infiltration and inflow (I/I)

Article: Strategic, Cost-Effective I&I Reduction in Wisconsin

Published Year: 2015

  • Wauwatosa’s short term solution - chemical grouting of sewer lateral connections to reduce I&I - has worked out so well that long-term efforts may not be needed at all.

Magazine Article: Efficient, Economical Grout Solution for Downers Grove

Published Year: 2014

  • Reducing sewer line I&I with grouting allows Downers Grove Sanitary District (DGSD) to avoid major repair expenses.

Magazine Article: Chemical Grouting: An effective tool against groundwater infiltration

Published Year: 2014

  • Groundwater infiltration of sewer pipes is a common problem encountered by municipalities, especially those with aging infrastructure

Magazine Article: TBM Under Ocean Waters - AvantiGrout to the Rescue

Published Year: 2014

  • When the Port of Miami wanted to deepen its existing channel, an aging sanitary sewer main belonging to Miami-Dade County had to be lowered.

Magazine Article: To Grout Or Not To Grout?

Published Year: 2013

  • Groundwater can bring an underground mining operation to its knees, but it can be controlled with ingenuity, co-operation and grout expertise

Magazine Article: Sorting Out the Grout

Published Year: 2013

  • Tunnel contractors can choose whether to use cement or chemical grouts. To help them out, Britt Babcock discusses both types, which to use, when to use them and why...and an idea of how much it will all cost.

Magazine Article: When 'Old School' is the Right School

Published Year: 2013

  • Combined Grout, CIPP Effective Solution for Granite City, Illinois

Magazine Article: Secure Connections - City of Salem Goes Big with In-House Grouting

Published Year: 2011

  • The City of Salem goes big with in-house grouting as part of a complete program of sewer inspection, maintenance and rehab for I&I control.

Magazine Article: Effective Point Repair of Laterals

Published Year: 2011

  • Point repairs that effectively address inflow and infiltration problems that are structurally sound and do not require rehabilitation

Grout Workshop: Stop Water Infiltration Now, Not Later

Published Year: 2010

  • Stop water infiltration now, not later