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Case Studies Files

Case Study: Wet Well Waterproofing in the Bahamas a Money Saving Success

Published Year: 2024

  • On a sunny island in the Bahamas, a wet well for the local Utilitycompany was experiencing intense infiltration near the water well base due to malfunctioning pumps from the pump station. Infiltration was stopped, thousands of dollars saved.

Case Study: Split Slab Grouting Using AV-170 at Light Rail Tunnel

Published Year: 2023

  • Case Study: Split Slab Grouting Using AV-170 at Light Rail Tunnel

Case Study: North Carolina Utility Follows Through on Manhole Rehabilitation

Published Year: 2021

  • The Town of Wingate, NC Public Works Director Eugene Jones noticed two pump stations were running on average of four hours every day. However, during rain events, the pump stations would run up to 35 hours straight.

Case Study: Not Your Average Gas Main Grouting Project

Published Year: 2019

  • PSE&G was experiencing significant leaks through one of their critical high pressure cast iron and steel conveyance gas mains in East Orange, New Jersey. Near abandonment, Avanti was called for product and contractor recommendations.

Case Study: Grouting for Ground Improvement of Foundation Soils Beneath Tank

Published Year: 2019

  • Shams Geotek in Nigeria was tasked with completing various geotechnical soil tests and develop a plan to execute the necessary soil improvements beneath a 4,500,000 gallon capacity petroleum product tank in Delta State, Nigeria.

Long-Term Performance of Grouting Around a Flood Control Bulkhead in Shoals, Indiana

Published Year: 2006

  • The long-term performance of the end-product is more important. For this reason, we have re-visited an 18-year-old mine grouting project that took place to prevent the flooding of a gypsum mine in Shoals, Indiana.

City of Sunrise, Florida: 12" Pipeline Joint Sealing

Published Year: 2005

  • Before and after grouting a 12" pipeline in the City of Sunrise, Florida.

Case Study: Borough of Downington Stops Infiltration (1999)

Published Year: 1999

  • Like most towns or cities with public sewer systems, Downingtown was experiencing high amounts of inflow and infiltration (I & I).

Ultrafine Cement Grout Seals Fissures in Salt Caverns

Published Year: 1999

  • The WIPP in New Mexico was created as an R&D facility to demonstrate safe, long-term disposal of radioactive wastes. However, before waste could be shipped to the plant, fissures in the underground salt cavern had to be sealed.

Case Study: AV-100 Chemical Grout Solves Leakage Problems in Tailings Dam for Large Copper/Gold Mine in Argentina

Published Year: 1998

  • This is a case study whereby acrylamide solution grout was used to achieve the “target residual permeability value” in the rock formation below a future tailings dam for a large copper/gold mine in Argentina.

Case Study: Leaks Stopped in Airport Tunnel

Published Year: 1998

  • At George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston, TX), the physical plant is connected to the passenger terminals by a tunnel. Cracks had developed in the ceiling of the tunnel, and by summer 1997, water was pouring into the tunnel and onto the pipes.

Case Study: Grouting Saves Effluent Pipeline and Maintains Plant Operations

Published Year: 1996

  • During a routine facility inspection at a major West Coast paper plant in Canada, a small leak appeared near the shoreline where an underground 42-inch fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe carried effluent to diffusers in the ocean.

Case Study: Stabilizing Soil for Construction Tunnels

Published Year: 1960

  • In this project, two 12-foot diameter by 270-foot long tunnels were to be driven beneath thirteen sets of live railroad tracks on the property of the New York Central, New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railroads.

Case Study: Blocking Artesian Flows

Published Year: 1960

  • In Oregon's Deschutes River canyon, a 440-foot dam sits on Pelton basalt formed by lava flows. Springs emerged from lava contacts, necessitating closure beneath the dam. Deschutes sediments were exposed on the dam abutments, which made using cement grout

Case Study: Bracing Crumbling Dock

Published Year: 1960

  • An eight-year-old loading and mooring dock, 1600 feet long, at Sept Iles was showing distress. It had been constructed by driving sheet piling then placing a heavy rockfill as a base.