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AV-278 Low Vis Hydro Files

NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified Products

Published Year: 2023

  • Avanti products that are certified and tested against NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 - Drinking Water System Components by WQA..

Technical Manual: Curtain Grouting Application Technique (C-GAT)

Published Year: 2022

  • Curtain Grouting Technical Manual - Void Full and Soil Stabilization of Underground Structures

Flyer: Stops Leaks in Concrete Structures

Published Year: 2011

  • Avanti International chemical grouts can stop leaks in: cracks or joints, precast structures, dams and reservoirs, mines and tunnels, and manholes.

NASSCO Tech Tips - Curtain Grouting Manholes and Underground Structures

Published Year: 2010

  • Picture this: You’re standing in a brick manhole that is 50 years old and leaking extensively all around you. You’ve already been working for over an hour and for every leak you stop, several new leaks pop up. Now what?

Comparison of Chemical Grout Properties: Which Grout Can Be Used Where and Why?

Published Year: 2006

  • This paper is about the current uses of chemical grouts, the economics of product use, and a discussion of where specific products within a category can be used.