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AV-100 Chemical Grout Files

White Paper: The Truth About Acrylamide

Published Year: Rev. 2017

  • A factual white paper on AV-100 acrylamide and acrylamide grouts.

AV-100 (Acrylamide) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Published Year: Rev. 2016

  • The purpose of this document is to answer questions and provide factual information about acrylamide chemical grout: AV-100.

Brochure: Sewer Grouting - Mainlines, Laterals and Lateral Connections

Published Year: 2019

  • Sewer Grouting Brochure - Acrylamide Grouting Mainlines, Laterals and Lateral Connections

2018 No-Dig Paper : Logic and Economics of Lateral Grouting

Published Year: 2018

  • Decision Support Matrix Compares Trenchless Rehabilitation Technologies.

White Paper: Zero Shrinkage of AV-100 Chemical Grout Due to Consistent Relative Humidity in Soils

Published Year: 2018

  • For those who believe that acrylamide grout expands and contracts with wet/dry climate cycles, Avanti commissioned an independent lab to perform field testing and analysis that proves otherwise

2017 ICOG Paper: Injection Grouting for Ground Conditioning

Published Year: 2017

  • 2017 ICOG Paper - Injection Grouting for Ground Conditioning

2017 No-Dig Paper: Value-Engineering for Sewer Rehabilitation with Injection Grouts for Anytown, USA

Published Year: 2017

  • Injection grouting is a soil sealing process used to control infiltration more effectively, more efficiently for less cost, and engineered to holistically attack all four points of entry: mainline, laterals, lateral connections, and manholes.

2017 WEFTEC: New Mandate: Grout First, CIPP Line Second for Rehabbing Pipe, Service Laterals, and Manholes in Naperville

Published Year: 2017

  • New Mandate: Grout First, CIPP Line Second for Rehabbing Pipe, Service Laterals, and Manholes in Naperville

2016 DFI Paper - Injection Grouting Preserves Foundation Integrity of Multi-Story Building

Published Year: 2016

  • Due to growth in the Twin Cities area, MCES determined they needed to construct a 50 foot deep sanitary sewer lift station, modify alignment of gravity sewers and add a 9000 foot long forcemain to handle increased volumes.

2016 No-Dig Paper: Injection Grouts and CIPP Lining Revitalize Buried Assets on Treasure Island

Published Year: 2016

  • Injection Grouts and CIPP Lining Revitalize Buried Assets on Treasure Island

Magazine Article: 'Grout First,' Right Answer for Sullivan's Island, SC

Published Year: 2016

  • Greg Gress, manager of sewer and water for Sullivan’s Island, S.C., just completed the community’s CMOM self-assessment of its collection system. The condition assessment clearly indicated 90% of Sullivan’s Island problem was infiltration and inflow (I/I)

NASSCO Tech Tips - Injection Grout Specification Guideline Aligns Contractors, Engineers and Municipalities

Published Year: 2016

  • The birth of a specification guideline begins with a need. It is born from a process of collaboration and consensus among multi-disciplined stakeholders. After two years, the first suggested standard specification on grouting was born.

2015 No-Dig Paper: Cost-Effective Private Property I&I Reduction

Published Year: 2015

  • The focus of the paper is to show the step-by-step progression of a private property I&I reduction program in the City of Wauwatosa using acrylamide grout. The project included soaker hose rain event simulation, lateral lining and chemical grouting.

2015 UCT Paper: Eliminating Infiltration Requires a Holistic Approach in Naperville, Illinois

Published Year: 2015

  • In April 2013, Chicago and its neighboring suburbs experienced a 100-year rain event resulting in extensive flooding, sewer system surcharges, and basement back-ups.

Article: Strategic, Cost-Effective I&I Reduction in Wisconsin

Published Year: 2015

  • Wauwatosa’s short term solution - chemical grouting of sewer lateral connections to reduce I&I - has worked out so well that long-term efforts may not be needed at all.