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Ultrafine VX (avg. 3 microns)

Ultrafine VX (avg. 3 microns)

Ultrafine VX Cementitious Grout from US Grout is composed of a finely ground mixture of Portland cement, pumice pozzolan, and dispersant. Ultrafine VX has an average particle size of three microns, in stark contrast to typical particle sizes of 60 to 70 microns in conventional cements. Ultrafine VX grout is formulated with a polycarboxylatebased superplasticizer for minimal bleed and high compressive strengths in soil permeation applications.

Avanti and US Grout are proud to be American owned and operated companies. US Grout (Idaho) produces the only American-made Ultrafine cementitious grout available in the world today.  There is a stable North American supply for your cementitious grouting projects. Avanti (Texas) is the exclusive distributor of US Grout cementitious grout products around the world.

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