AV-330 Safeguard

Hydrophilic Foams Training
Insightful training (9:16 min) and advantages of hydrophilic foams--when to use, why, and when not to use.
Manhole: Vertical Crack Injection
View Avanti chemical grout being injected to stop vertical leaks within the manhole wall to stop infiltration.
Single Component Pump Maintenance
Step-by-step, how-to tutorial on single-component injection, PPE, and best practices.
Crack Injection Tutorial
Step-by-step, how-to tutorial on crack injection including personal protection to clean-up including best practices.
Crack Injection with Pump
View Avanti chemical grout being pumped into any concrete structure using the crack injection (V-PAT) method in order to stop water intrusion. This technique is widely used in basements, vaults, subways, power plants, utility tunnels, highway and railway tunnels, pump stations, etc.
Crack Injection with Caulk Tube
Sealing cracks in basements, vaults, and other underground structures by using a caulking gun.
Using Hydrophilic Foams
When, why, and how to use hydrophilic foams.
Hydrophilic Foams Training
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