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Company History

A Moving Story—Avanti International

'Avanti' means Move Forward in Italian, while 'International' represents the continued growth of a small business established in 1978. Led by industry icon David Magill, Avanti began with only one product, AV-100 Chemical Grout (Acrylamide), used primarily to seal leaking sewer lines. For nearly a decade, his son Daniel served as president and Avanti continued researching, developing and perfecting new sustainable solutions to restore aging infrastructure and control groundwater.

Stop Leaks. Stabilize Soil. Control Groundwater. More than just a tagline, these fundamental jobsite solutions compel contractors, engineers, and government workforces to partner with Avanti when facing difficult municipal, industrial and geotechnical challenges. As the industry’s only full service grout provider, no other company supplies acrylamide, acrylic, acrylate, hydrophilic and hydrophobic grouts, ultrafine cement, and the technical expertise that comes with being the most experienced grout supplier in the U.S.

Britt N. Babcock, PE

Today, Avanti operates under the leadership of Britt N. Babcock, PE, as president. Forward movement is now defined by innovation, speed to market, and on supporting the needs of our customer segments.

Ask your peers about Avanti. After 45 years of providing solutions, you will hear of an impeccable reputation and invaluable partner dedicated to helping projects Move Forward. Our industry can be challenging, but our relationship with you should always be encouraging.