Mines, Tunnels & Subway Grouting

The injection of a multi-component chemical grout or an expansive hydrophobic foam grout into various rock strata, soil and voids creating a grout curtain to stabilize the soil, stop the infiltration and provide structure support.

The chemical grout is pumped under pressure from a delivery system that is either above ground or located near the grouting area. This liquid mixture is pressurized through the rock, or soil, or structure wall filling voids and creating a watertight grout/soil matrix preventing groundwater infiltration/exfiltration and potential soil erosion. The chemicals predictably react within 30- 60 seconds to seal off infiltration and are controllable from the delivery system. Grouting pressures measured at the injection point are monitored to insure that the materials are pumped at higher pressures than the groundwater pressures.

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Products You May Need*in Mines, Tunnels & Subway Grouting

  • AV-202-LV Multigrout LV

    AV-202-LV Multigrout LV

    A low-viscosity version of Avanti's most popular grout, AV-202 Multigrout...

  • AV-248 Flexseal

    AV-248 Flexseal

    Flexible foam designed for sealing active and potential water leaks...

  • AV-278 Low Vis Hydro

    AV-278 Low Vis Hydro

    Low viscosity for penetration with very high expansion to fill voids, stop active or potential water leaks, and stabilize soils...

  • AV-315 Microfoam

    AV-315 Microfoam

    Extremely low viscosity, designed for sealing active water leaks in very fine cracks or joints in below-grade structures...

  • AV-330 Safeguard

    AV-330 Safeguard

    Certified for use in potable water, designed for sealing active leaks in below grade structures...

  • AV-333 Injectaflex

    AV-333 Injectaflex

    Certified for use in potable water, designed for sealing active water leaks...

  • AV-100® Chemical Grout (Granular)

    AV-100 Chemical Grout

    Ultra-low viscosity chemically reactive gel available as either granules or liquid...

  • AV-118® Duriflex

    AV-118 Duriflex

    With an ultra-low viscosity, AV-118 can permeate anywhere water can travel...

  • AV-160 SuperGel

    AV-160 SuperGel

    Non-toxic, ultra-low viscosity, chemically activated gel...

  • AV-254 Gelseal

    AV-254 Gelseal

    Prepolymer resin that permeates the soil and cures to create an effective water barrier...