Avanti President on the News

As seen on Fox Business Network, CNBC, and Bloomberg.

Fast-Set Balloon Technique

Observe AV-290 injected by a simple cartridge to demonstrate expansion and shutdown underground leaks.

Fast-Set Hydrophobic Foam for Water Stop

Demonstration of the expansion that happens behind the wall to stop groundwater infiltration.

Grout School

Overview of what you can expect from attending grout school.

Grout Truck Interview with Dick Schantz

Truck tour designed for the chemical grout contractor.

Grouting Longevity

Injection underground is the only condition required to make AV-100 a permanent solution.

High-Volume Hydrophobic 1:1 Pump

Using Graco 1:1 pump, fast reacting AV-290 provides controlled expansion.

Single Component Pump Maintenance

Step-by-step, how-to tutorial on single-component injection, PPE, and best practices.

Slab Lifting

Animation for lifting of concrete slabs with Avanti's AV-600 SureLift.

Spanish Blog

Video translation: It is very important to understand that the majority of our grouts are designed specifically to eliminate leaks, but at the same time, it's important to note that we have grouts for soil stabilization, and slab lifting as well.

US Grout Promo

Why to Use Ultrafine Cementitious Grout