Government Agencies

Avanti utilizes over 30 years of experience working with local communities and government agencies to provide superior technical support and recommendations to resolve infiltration and water leaks in their sewer systems and concrete structures. Our Technical Support staff and outside sales team are at your service to create a custom program to lower your water treatment costs and work within any budget.

Avanti offers onsite and classroom training on the environmental and economical benefits of chemical grouting. We are ready to provide any community with information and assistance on how to get started using chemical grouts to stop infiltration issues in sewer systems while staying within your budget constraints. We can also assist you in stopping leaks in concrete structures and buildings.

Our long standing relationships with the local contractors can also be accessed to locate an experienced applicator to discuss water stop and remediation projects. Please contact us at your convenience to assist you.

Government agencies and engineers require the latest specifications to ensure a quality proejct. Visit our Specifications page to access the latest specs from ASTM and Avanti.

Click here to download Methods to Control Leaks in Sewer Collection Systems, an informative White Paper written by C. Vipu, Ph.D., P.E., Director of CIGMAT, and Chairman of Civil Engineering Department, University of Houston, Houston, Texas.