This is a very thankful time of year when we reflect on our greatest assets. For most businesses, that means people. Companies do not serve - people serve. Companies do not specify- people specify. Most important, companies do not solve problems- people solve problems.

Contractors, municipalities, engineers, and Avanti’s channel partners are all problem solvers. While 97% of our Injection Grouts are deployed underground, 92% play a role in restoration and rehabilitation—solving problems.

Invest in your people. In a McKenzie study published in July 2010, building capabilities was a top priority among companies surveyed, yet only 25% stated their internal training programs were effective at improving performance measurably. Why? Training is not a “once and done” event—it is on-going, consistent, and key-critical to employee engagement.

Workforce enablement is an educational process that equips the workforce with knowledge, tools, and skills to do their job better, make smarter decisions, and increases corporate performance.


12 Reasons to Embrace Workforce Enablement

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Reduce employee turnover
  3. Decrease need for supervision
  4. Increase ability to incorporate new technologies
  5. Increase safety to decrease work-related injury and/or illness
  6. Maintain employee credentials/certifications
  7. Incorporate new products/services or equipment/processes
  8. Help employees meet new responsibilities
  9. Increase job satisfaction and morale among employees
  10. Increase employee motivation and engagement
  11. Increase innovation in strategies and products
  12. Enhance company image and reputation

4 Fundamental Steps to Building a Workforce Enablement Strategy

  1. Review your business strategy
  2. Assess your workforce skillsets
  3. Identify gaps
  4. Execute action plan

2 Compelling Reasons to Stop Thinking and Start Doing

  1. Grow the enterprise
  2. Take a vacation

Decide today to align the skillsets of your people with your one to three year corporate goals. Pledge to take action Q1 of 2015.