Lunch and Learn

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The original Lunch & Learn may have begun with the Neanderthals, but it is alive and well today for good reasons.  Sixty minutes to refuel the body and revitalize the mind is time well invested for anyone -and I mean everyone. Engineering firms often leverage this hour to broaden the knowledge of their most important assets, but Avanti has held learning events for every type of contracting firm, large and small municipalities, regulatory agencies, transportation, utility, and facility management organizations, as well as our dealer network and supply chain partners. No two presentations are exactly the same - each is customized to the wants, needs and desires of the host organization.

Avanti has adopted three simple rules for successful Lunch & Learn experiences:

  1. Start on time, end on time
  2. Teach, do not sell
  3. Be relevant

With these guidelines, we have earned many kudos and advanced the art and science of the grouting industry in core markets of municipal, industrial and geotechnical. Here are a few representative titles of past presentations:

  • Chemical Grouting for Geotechnical Applications
  • What's Sabotaging Our Underground Infrastructure
  • Stopping Infiltration in New England-EPA Region 5
  • Greater Good for Underground Collection Systems
  • Understanding the Sewer Trench
  • Cementitious & Chemical Grout - When, Where & Why

Education is wholly consistent with how Avanti chooses to grow the industry. Done right (fact-base, no commercials), our field service team and regional managers are committed to sharing what they know so others can do. We view education as the way forward.

Kudos: "Charlie obviously loves this work and knows it well!"  "Possibly, the best lunch and learn I ever attended."

Most organizations do not have a Chief Learning Officer, but do have a manager who understands the educational needs of the firm. Avanti collaborates with this individual to build an agenda, make it interactive, and best serve the audience. Typically, these events are planned 4 to 6 weeks in advance and PDH certificates are available for continuing education credits. Care to discuss a Lunch & Learn for your company?  Contact Jessica Williams directly at 281-956-3111 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..