The Proof is in the Pudding

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In south central Indiana lies a manufacturing facility that most of the world knows by its two-letter initials - GM. General Motors’ Powertrain facility in Bedford is one of the leading aluminum die-casting facilities in the world. On the property is a dual concrete holding tank (100’ x 80’) which is separated by a concrete retaining wall – each tank (100’ x 40’) holds over 184,000 gallons of water. When the facility drained “Side A” of the tank, they noticed leaking from the two expansion joints located at the retaining wall, back into the empty tank.

GM employed a general contractor who called on Western Waterproofing in Indianapolis, Indiana, the largest specialty contractor in the country, to seal the leaking concrete tank. Initially, Western contacted “Grout Supplier X”, but after a failed attempt to remedy the situation, and no solution from “Grout Supplier X”, Western had to find another answer. Western reached out to their other U.S. branches for suggestions, and this is when they were put in contact with the Field Services Manager at Avanti International. Just days before the Thanksgiving holidays, he rearranged his schedule and made an emergency trip to the site for inspection, discussion, and ultimately, a resolution.

After a planning meeting with all parties, the methods were agreed upon and the grouting began. First, AV-202 Multigrout with the Oakum Soakum technique was used in the expansion joint – 12ft. up the retaining wall and 12 ft. down the horizontal joint at the bottom of the tank. Oakum is a strong, fibrous material designed for use in cracks, joints, and areas where a carrier is needed to keep the grout in place – in this case, up the retaining wall. After letting the Oakum and AV-202 cure, AV-315 Microfoam was pumped into a drilled hole (one drilled hole per expansion joint). The AV-315 was pumped until resin was seen flowing down the expansion joint, passed the cured oakum. Pumping was paused, and the Oakum Soakum technique was continued down the expansion joint. Once the AV-202 cured, Microfoam pumping continued, this time with no resin traveling down the expansion joint. The team continued pumping AV-315 for a little longer after the water was stopped to ensure the leak was completely grouted. This process was repeated for the second expansion joint.

Avanti's field service manager stayed onsite to assist Western finish to finish the job. Initially scheduled for two days, he and the Western team were able to complete the job in one day and the rest of the project was able to continue. Results matter and the proof is in the pudding when it comes to Avanti’s Field Service.

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