Industrial & Geotechnical Injection Grout School - Houston

07 Nov – 08 Nov 2018
Location: 822 Bay Star Blvd., Webster, Texas
Category: Grout School

Join us at our offices in Houston, TX for the Industrial & Geotechnical Injection Grout School. With a focus on industrial and geotechnical applications, Contractors, Engineers, and Owners/Stakeholders are invited to a two-day intensive grout school. Learn the fundamentals of injection grouting and soil types in underground operations such as mining, tunneling, dams, and subways.

Each course segment lays foundation for the next. The sequence of instruction includes classroom followed by workshop and demonstration serving as proof statements. This course will be conducted in a manner consistent with the way you retain knowledge - learn by doing.

  • Fundamentals of Grout Chemistry - Acrylic, Urethane,Cement Grouts
  • Soil Analysis from Sand to Bedrock - Impact on Permeation Grouting
  • Grouting Underground Structures
  • Curtain Grouting - Building the Impermeable Wall
  • Slab Lifting - within 1/10" of desired grade

Check back at a later date for registration information.